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Every year, millions of sick and injured people go to hospitals, putting their trust in medical staff to do whatever is necessary to help them. While the majority of patients receive the level of help and care required, others are not so fortunate. In fact, hospital errors occur more frequently than generally known. Even worse, when they do occur, hospital errors can have devastating, potentially fatal, consequences.

Common Hospital Errors

There is potential for a hospital error at many stages of the patient’s hospital visit. Everyone -- from the first nurse to check a patient in, to the doctor, to the x-ray technician, to the surgeon, to the pharmacist -- must be diligent about his or her work in order to ensure that patients have an error-free visit. Unfortunately, hospitals are often busy, short-staffed, and resources are often scarce. This creates an environment conducive to hospital errors.

Some of these common hospital errors are:

The Consequences of Hospital Errors

Hospital errors can have alarming consequences. A hospital error can force victims and their families into situations where they will be forced to deal with:
Because hospital errors often have a huge impact on the victim’s life – physical, mental, and economic – victims have the right to hold responsible parties accountable.