Clergy Sexual Abuse


Cases involving acts of sexual abuse by members of the clergy have crossed over several decades and are brought into the light many years after the act of sexual abuse transpired. Moreover, cases have been filed against the hierarchy of the church who failed to report allegations of acts of sexual abuse to the appropriate authorities. In effect, concealing countless acts of sexual abuse to the point of intentionally transferring sexually abusive members of the clergy to other churches, parishes and/or dioceses. Thus, leading to the widespread multiplication and continuation of the acts of sexual abuse.

Numerous studies have been conducted and shown that acts of sexual abuse, specifically of young boys, can have a long lasting and damaging effect. Additionally, such studies have brought forth more awareness about sexual abuse and encouraged victims to come forward. Now, the topic of sexual abuse by members of the clergy is no longer socially unspeakable or taboo. Rather, victims can begin the healing process, seek rehabilitation by talking about their experiences and achieve justice.

The Law Offices of David Efron, P.C., over the years, has represented victims of acts of sexual abuse by members of the clergy successfully. The firm’s litigation experience coupled with our care and concern for each of our clients is unmatched and the key ingredient to success in all cases.